Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beauty became the beast

Last night was going to this extravagant movie night where people were dressed up in costumes. Everyone thought the movie was beauty and the beast because there were posters everywhere
but it turned out that they were playing Thumbelina (the ultimate troll)!!! I was dressed up as belle
and then suddenly I wasn't in the costume anymore and my friends were dragging me over to this VIP seating in the middle of the arena where they were playing the movie because it was my birthday!
Next thing I knew I was taking a shower and there was a little rat running around so I tried to shoo it away with a stick but somehow I poked it and it got caught on its intestines and I watched it unraveling behind it...panicking, I dropped the stick. It was in so much pain it was squealing and I didn't know how to kill it to end its misery so i kept screaming asking someone to help make it stop
I was afraid I wouldn't bash its head in right and it would suffer even more. Someone showed up with a knife and I'm like: do you know what you're doing?! hoping they could do this in one fatal blow, but I never found out if they properly put it out of its misery :\

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