Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daydreaming (an oldie)

Looking but not seeing
From the outside they see a distant gaze
Behind your eyes is another world
Time freezes and movement around you suspends
Pushing through the air with underwater grace
Every breath you take seems to last an eternity
Letting out a sigh of content as vivid images dance across your mind
Somewhere far away, somewhere you can never go back to, somewhere you have yet to be
Sounds around you fade away, nothing exists but the soundtrack in your head

A gentle tap shatters the fragile state of mind like a bullet through glass
You watch in vain as the last traces of your subconscious thoughts disappear
Slipping through the cracks of your mind and falling like shards onto the tiled floor

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beauty became the beast

Last night was going to this extravagant movie night where people were dressed up in costumes. Everyone thought the movie was beauty and the beast because there were posters everywhere
but it turned out that they were playing Thumbelina (the ultimate troll)!!! I was dressed up as belle
and then suddenly I wasn't in the costume anymore and my friends were dragging me over to this VIP seating in the middle of the arena where they were playing the movie because it was my birthday!
Next thing I knew I was taking a shower and there was a little rat running around so I tried to shoo it away with a stick but somehow I poked it and it got caught on its intestines and I watched it unraveling behind it...panicking, I dropped the stick. It was in so much pain it was squealing and I didn't know how to kill it to end its misery so i kept screaming asking someone to help make it stop
I was afraid I wouldn't bash its head in right and it would suffer even more. Someone showed up with a knife and I'm like: do you know what you're doing?! hoping they could do this in one fatal blow, but I never found out if they properly put it out of its misery :\

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The world didn't end, only the US did.

The world didn't end, only the US did and it happened last night. All the countries in world sent us missiles and aircraft shuttles that would self-destruct as a big farewell. I stood on a pier watching them fly over a fortress that was camouflaged as a mountain (kind of like Table Mountain in Cape Town). What were we supposed to do? Where could we hide? I heard explosions in the distant and people frantically scrambling into whatever hiding spaces they could find by the base of the fortress, but it would prove to be useless anyway. It was like the scene from Titanic when everyone fought for space on the lifeboats and yet I could only stand there and watch. I felt scorching heat as the giant flying explosives blew by and the whole time I saw people still trying to Instagram their final moments on earth. Apparently, the rest of the world was also pissed that all of the US government was part of the Illuminati and hid their entire oil reserves under this fortress. So as a big FUUU, they were going to blow it all up. We were defenseless. I closed my eyes. When they reopened, everything looked like a war zone. I was with people who were supposed to be my family and this old gentlemen, dressed in his penguin coat and top hat, handed me an envelope full of money. $10,250 exactly. We had survived and he wanted to buy our silence and make sure if we ever spoke of this incident that we would say what an epic battle it was, that our side fought bravely and didn't just cower and hide. I walked inside the fortress with Moosie and saw Oliver wandering around by himself. I called out to him and we all took the escalator downstairs.

Monday, December 17, 2012


We're all eating at this nice Italian restaurant and this guy decides he wants to break the screen on my iPod and I tell him, hey you have to pay for this damage, it'll cost you $60. He works at Prudential and is not willing to give me the money for it, he tries to make photocopies of a check which I decline. He says he has no cash on me. I point at the ATM behind him, not even caring that it might not be his bank. He goes and withdraws $60 and proceeds to photocopy the twenties and hands me the photocopies. Do I look stupid or something? I refuse to accept it and he finally gives in and gives me the cash and then tries to ask me for my number so we can meet up when he's in town again.

A lot of guys are having a weird bromance hangout (I won't name you all) and I think it's time for me to go. One of you hands me a no liability/consent form so no one is responsible should anything happen to any of us during our friendship and that we should be choosy about who to bring into this circle. I ask you guys to take the elevator down with me, it's one of those old "tong lau" in HK and it gives me the creeps. When we get to street level, we see a car drive past a whole street of parked cars and purposely driving up against them and effectively scratching all of them. What a douche.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The neverending journey that wouldn't go right

I made two failed attempts to catch a flight back to South Africa, thinking the flight was at 3:18pm when it was in fact 3:18am. By the time I realized this, I was it was already 2:30pm and pretty much impossible for me to catch any flight there.

So while packing, the place was suddenly overrun by aliens and managed to hide in the bathroom and turning off the lights. They didn't bother checking but they did stand outside the door debating whether or not anyone was inside. When they were gone, I grabbed my sister, remembering the directions "head 15 kilometers east then start heading north". I didn't even know where this was going to lead me or how we'd make it. It was dark outside and pretty much a vast, empty desert forest. We grabbed two pairs of night vision goggles and ran like the wind. Sometimes I'd have a compass, other times I didn't. We reached this random patch of forest comprised of barren trees, we used our goggles to see if there was anything in there. We had to run through them as fast as we could, there were lights coming up behind us. It was other people in some old Camrys and Civics seeing if we were human and then as quickly as they came, they backed out of the forest saying something about the trees waking. I saw green oozing out of the trees and they latched on to any thought or fear you had and made them real. I told my sister to stop thinking and just run.

By daylight we reached a big open hillside which rolled out into the distance, nIbbling on leaves we hoped wouldn't kill us. I had the compass again. And it looked like we had been going in the wrong direction this time but it kept changing polarities on me.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Chainsaw murderer

Last night I dreamt I was trying to investigate a serial killer who enjoyed decapitating people with a chainsaw. He was sitting on the stairs next to the headless body of his most recent victim. I was coming up behind him with an officer and my sister when these guys started being extremely rude to her and so I told them off. The serial killer heard the commotion and realized we were coming for him, started his chainsaw, grabbed his first hostage and sliced her from shoulder to shoulder and I watched her top half slide off onto the ground. Then he came at us.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A world overrun by superstition and spirits

We had just run away from a field of zombie-like humans, they staggered around but they weren't dead. The lights had gone out from their eyes as if their souls had been sucked out from them. (Contrary to what Wilfred on FX thinks about buttholes being the windows to a human's soul). We knew better than to stick around and try to help them, there was barely enough survivors as it was - or so we thought.

The group of us ran behind this abandoned house and found a bunch of swimming pools that were connected by floating tubes on the water surface. We didn't have much time, and thinking it was safe enough to just rush across, we dashed over the tubes as fast as we could to avoid losing balance and toppling into the water, even though they were lit and nothing was down there. I slipped a few times and my pants got soaked. I noticed there was some moss growing on the sides of these tubes - must've been quite stagnant in this area. No one used them lately.

With only a few feet left to go, a couple of us made the jump to the deck of the pool. One guy lost his balance right before the jump and he splashed into the water. He kicked back up to the surface laughing saying he was okay. His wife and daughters reached over to pull him up, they had a firm grip but something under the water started pulling back and he started to scream. There was a tug-of-war struggle as they tried frantically to free him, but one by one they lost balance and fell into the water with them. I hurried over to the edge of the pool to help pull them back out, but by now they were all screaming and being pulled under. More survivors came to help but it was useless, one last final scream and they disappeared under the edge of the pool and cloud of red seeped through the water like a drops of red ink in a filled tub.

A small crowd of shadows started running towards us, what were we to do? There was no room to hide. As they stepped into the light, I saw they were other survivors like us. "You must hurry, it's coming." He waved us over and we followed him without a word. The "it" he was referring to was this slug-like demon who attacked you from behind as you tried to enter a door. He led us to this abandoned-looking house and told me to whisper a chant and I would be brought inside. It didn't make any sense to be but I heard this roaring behind me coming closer and closer and a gust of wind, so I whispered the chant just as IT passed through me, I could hear IT's roaring still ringing in my ears but when I opened my eyes, I was on the other side of that door, safe.

Janet Jackson welcomed me into the house, she was the matriarch of this hidden society. She stared at me with her big, watery, bulging eyes. It was like church congregation and they had found ways to live around the evil spirits that roamed the "outside" world. Sometimes there were ones that made their way in and crawled along the ceiling like giant spider beetles, waiting to attack unsuspecting children. But she had her guards shoot them down with lasers. It was dangerous to be outside, but somehow they had created light suits (think TRON) that would give off a steady ray of light or flashes to keep the spirits away. I looked outside the window from the 30th floor and saw five basketball players playing ball in the unlighted courts. There were also guards keeping an eye on them in case any unwanted visitors tried to attack.

"Sometimes I can't sleep because of that little child I couldn't save," she shared with me, "Her cries haunt my dreams. I wanted to, but it was a lost cause."