Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A world overrun by superstition and spirits

We had just run away from a field of zombie-like humans, they staggered around but they weren't dead. The lights had gone out from their eyes as if their souls had been sucked out from them. (Contrary to what Wilfred on FX thinks about buttholes being the windows to a human's soul). We knew better than to stick around and try to help them, there was barely enough survivors as it was - or so we thought.

The group of us ran behind this abandoned house and found a bunch of swimming pools that were connected by floating tubes on the water surface. We didn't have much time, and thinking it was safe enough to just rush across, we dashed over the tubes as fast as we could to avoid losing balance and toppling into the water, even though they were lit and nothing was down there. I slipped a few times and my pants got soaked. I noticed there was some moss growing on the sides of these tubes - must've been quite stagnant in this area. No one used them lately.

With only a few feet left to go, a couple of us made the jump to the deck of the pool. One guy lost his balance right before the jump and he splashed into the water. He kicked back up to the surface laughing saying he was okay. His wife and daughters reached over to pull him up, they had a firm grip but something under the water started pulling back and he started to scream. There was a tug-of-war struggle as they tried frantically to free him, but one by one they lost balance and fell into the water with them. I hurried over to the edge of the pool to help pull them back out, but by now they were all screaming and being pulled under. More survivors came to help but it was useless, one last final scream and they disappeared under the edge of the pool and cloud of red seeped through the water like a drops of red ink in a filled tub.

A small crowd of shadows started running towards us, what were we to do? There was no room to hide. As they stepped into the light, I saw they were other survivors like us. "You must hurry, it's coming." He waved us over and we followed him without a word. The "it" he was referring to was this slug-like demon who attacked you from behind as you tried to enter a door. He led us to this abandoned-looking house and told me to whisper a chant and I would be brought inside. It didn't make any sense to be but I heard this roaring behind me coming closer and closer and a gust of wind, so I whispered the chant just as IT passed through me, I could hear IT's roaring still ringing in my ears but when I opened my eyes, I was on the other side of that door, safe.

Janet Jackson welcomed me into the house, she was the matriarch of this hidden society. She stared at me with her big, watery, bulging eyes. It was like church congregation and they had found ways to live around the evil spirits that roamed the "outside" world. Sometimes there were ones that made their way in and crawled along the ceiling like giant spider beetles, waiting to attack unsuspecting children. But she had her guards shoot them down with lasers. It was dangerous to be outside, but somehow they had created light suits (think TRON) that would give off a steady ray of light or flashes to keep the spirits away. I looked outside the window from the 30th floor and saw five basketball players playing ball in the unlighted courts. There were also guards keeping an eye on them in case any unwanted visitors tried to attack.

"Sometimes I can't sleep because of that little child I couldn't save," she shared with me, "Her cries haunt my dreams. I wanted to, but it was a lost cause."

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